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Misano Adriatico is located in a strategic position between Riccione and Cattolica, ideal to reach easily the most beautiful and famous parks on the Adriatic Riviera, and its major cities. Rimini is located just a few kilometres away and is well connected with public transport, ideal for a day trip to explore the historic centre and not only.

In the hinterland, a few kilometres from the coast are the villages and castles in the most beautiful and fascinating, for a vacation that in addition to the fun they can offer so much more: history, gastronomy and natural beauty including the large and lush green valleys that you don't expect.


Land of roman conquests, testified today from'Arch of Augustus, Tiberius bridge, and a major amphitheater, was founded in 268 to.C. with the name of Ariminum. During the era of the renaissance was the scene of the vicissitudes of the Malatesta family, that during his presence gave birth to the Castel Sismondo and the Malatesta Temple, a masterpiece of Leon Battista Alberti that houses a crucifix by Giotto and a fresco by Piero della Francesca. Between the streets of the historic centre lose yourself in the romantic atmosphere of its squares, markets and typical restaurants hidden among the narrow streets of the city's oldest.

San Marino

Founded in 301 d.C. on top of Mount Titano, San Marino is the oldest Republic in Europe , and in 1994 he obtained the recognition of the site Unesco world Heritage site. The three castles were intended to protect the city from the top: the Second Tower, Rocca Cesta, the highest of the three, dates back to the THIRTEENTH century, and inside is not to be missed is the Museum of Weapons. The streets of the historic centre are the ideal place for lovers of shopping, because in San Marino, various products they cost a lot less.

San Leo

This medieval village overlooking the marecchia valley from the distant past: theold military stronghold was built on a rocky outcrop to get the best strategic position at the time of the battles between byzantines and goths. Today, the stronghold still fascinates for its grandeur and elegance of the stage design. During the summer, the fairs of medieval and historical descriptions make the village even more interesting for a day trip a few kilometers from Rimini.


The hill of Gradara is dominated by the majestic Rocca di Gradara and its fortified village, one of the medieval buildings in the best preserved of the Marche region and of Italy. The tradition wants that it was in the Fortress of Gradara was the seat of the tormented love of Paolo and Francesca, sung by Dante in the V canto of the Inferno. Strolling along the walkways, in the stretch of walls of the XIV century, which surrounds the village, you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view.

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