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Useful Info

Here you will find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions that we think may be useful to better organize your vacation in our company!


At the time of booking is required to send a deposit and the balance will be paid at the hotel during the stay.The deposit will be returned to the rooms that will be cancellations a month before arrival, from a month to 7 days of arrival will be reclaimed for another stay within the current season. For cancellations 1 to 7 days prior to arrival will be retained as compensation.

At what time do you eat?

Breakfast is served from 07.30 to 09.45
For meals, the room will be open from 12.30 until 14.00 for lunch and from 19.30 to 21.00 for dinner.

There is the possibility of making meals for the children?

Vegetable broth and vegetable are fresh everyday, the noodles for the soups are always available.
If there are special requirements on sizes of pasta, flours, cereals, and baby food, at your arrival, you can deliver everything you need for feeding your little ones, explaining how it should be prepared and we will do the rest.
With regard to the timetable of meals for children you communicate to us your needs and we will accommodate you. Also in the buffet every day for lunch and dinner, is a reserved area for children with proposals and dishes ideal for the tastes and the palates of young children.

At what time can we Check in and check out?

The rooms
Will be delivered before 13.00 on the day of arrival.
will be vacated by 10.00 am on the day of departure.
His arrival may take place at any hour of the day of arrival, if the room is not yet available and will welcome you with a good cup of coffee, we will take care of the suitcases and be able to wear the costume and start directly on her vacation.
On the way back from the beach we will give you the room and escorted to the table.

Are pets allowed?

Your great friend from us is well come, we only ask to inform at time of booking, there are no supplements, the only rule you have to follow, they can not enter the dining room and must turn the dog on the leash in public areas.
Remember the documents and medical records, in case there should be required off from the hotel.

Can I come and go from the Hotel whenever I want?

In our Hotel there is a concierge service 24 hours on 24.

How can I Pay?

At the time of booking will request a deposit by bank transfer or credit Card.
The balance will be done directly at the Hotel in the days prior to departure, you will be required to guarantee the issue of a pre authorization on the credit card payment.

In the case of cash, bank transfer, cheque or credit card to guarantee the payment must be made before the day of arrival.

The payment of the tax must be paid in cash.

We hope to be been clear in answering these questions, but we remain however at your disposal for any further information.

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